Praise for United Symbolism of America

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hieronimus, and found him to be a well-informed individual. His book, United Symbolism of America, reflects his persistence and knowledge. I’m glad that we still have people who take the time to present material that require some deep study and concern.”

--Willie Nelson, singer, songwriter, and American icon

United Symbolism of America provides some of the best research ever compiled on the ancient symbols used in our landmarks, logos and emblems. It is a comprehensive review of their original intent and how many view them today.”

--Shirley MacLaine, Academy-award winning actress and best-selling author

“Meticulously researched and carefully presented, The United Symbolism of America is the latest example of what readers have come to expect from Bob's work: well-balanced and thought-provoking. In a word, brilliant.”

--Graham Hancock, best-selling author of Fingerprints of the Gods

“My good friend and fellow radio host Dr. Bob Hieronimus has written a wonderful book about the symbolism of the United States of America. As he did in his cult classic study on the Yellow Submarine, Dr. Bob has traced the symbols of America that most of us take for granted back to their original sources. In this epic book, which is as much about the nature of symbolism itself as it is about America's symbols, Dr. Bob has debunked the conspiratorial anarchists who see Satanism lurking in every corner. Instead, Dr. Bob has found that America's symbols unite us as a people. In so doing, he has written a fascinating book not only about symbols and symbolism, but about America herself.

--George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

"…[A] book which every American should read. It is a delight to see… some of the symbols, which enrich the life of America, stripped of all their cloying invention. It is a further delight to find the impoverished roots of a burgeoning modern anti-American mythology being examined in such a simple and informed way…. When one lies about the archetypes, or undermines their worth - through malevolence or though lack of knowledge - one ensures that they are irrevocably weakened.… It really is time for good-thinking Americans to wake up to the threat from within. The threat does not reside in dreamed-up Conspiracies, but in a serious lack of education in moral virtues and in probity. This seems to be one of the underlying themes of Dr. Hieronimus' remarkable and much-needed book."

--David Ovason, author of The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill and Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital

"What a book! I was enthralled by this totally unique journey through the symbols that conceal the hidden truths that our country is founded on. And the thoughtful exploration of the misuse of some of our venerable symbols in modern times is sobering and eye-opening. This is an absolute original, the kind of book that everybody needs to read to truly understand who we are and why the principles on which our country is founded continue to be so vitally important to the future of the human species."

--Whitley Strieber, best-selling author and host of "Dreamland"

"I am a devoted follower of Dr. Bob Hieronimus. His book, The United Symbolism of America, is a "must-read"! I have seen these diversified symbols all of my life, and wondered about their meaning, but never took the time to study their background. Reflecting an enormous dedication to the "cause," this is a valuable, informative book with touches of humor. It grabs your attention and holds it through to the final page!"

--Bill Mack, "The Satellite Cowboy" on XM Radio and Grammy award-winning songwriter

"United Symbolism of America could not be more timely. It dispels several bizarre conspiracy theories regarding the symbolism reflected in the Great Seal, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and other American icons, revealing the profound wisdom involved in their creation. This book transcends party politics and religious sects; it contains a patriotic message for all people who would defend liberty and uphold freedom."

--Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, co-author, Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans

"Is our Statue of Liberty actually a monument to the Egyptian goddess, Isis? Does the arcane symbolism of our dollar bill hide a satanic conspiracy or archetypes for freedom? Is our Constitution really indebted to the Iroquois Indians for its existence? I found Dr. Hieronimus' answers to these and many other, provocative questions as shocking as they are insightful and uplifting."

--Frank Joseph, editor of Ancient American

"This book is a must read for all those that seek to critically understand the varied and informed meanings of traditional American symbols."

--Donald A. Grinde, Jr., Ph.D., chair and Professor of American Studies, SUNY, Buffalo

"Out of many symbols Dr. Hieronimus has found one noble Truth: America was created to enlighten the world. Here is her treasury of lost wisdom."

--William Henry, author of "A Nation Under God"