Excerpts from the Book

» The Mysterious Professor or the Unknown Speaker
 » Conspiracies about American symbols
» Decoding the Great Seal and the Dollar Bill
» True Meanings of the Statue of Liberty, the American Goddess
» Why is the Eagle our Nation’s Icon? (Native Americans’ influence on American symbols)
» Stories Behind the Liberty Bell, plus sound and vibration and healing
» Who Designed America’s Symbols?
» Secrets of the Eye in the Triangle and Unfinished Pyramid – Where’s the Illuminati?
» Freemasons, Thirteen, 13 states and 13 stars and stripes
» Annuit Coeptis -- God Favors Our Undertakings
» Novus Ordo Seclorum -- New Order of the Ages
» Announcing the birth of a New Secular Order or New World Order
» Why did the 6-pointed Star on the American Flag become a 5- pointed star?
» Hidden symbols in the Street plan of Washington DC
» Freemasonic influences on American symbols
» Is there a Satanic Pentagram over the White House?
» Conspiracies about American symbols